Digging Holes

Thought I might have a day off weeding and do something FUN! Fun, that is, that involves a mattock and a shovel. It’s got to rain soon and the little rain water tank down at ‘La studio’ will overflow. Last year, the overflow washed under the building – most unsatisfactory. 

So I purchased 9 meters of down pipe and started digging a trench. Fortunately I didn’t have to dig too deep as there will be decking and gravel added to the area soonish to give more protection to the underground pipes. The main thing with the trench is to make sure it goes down hill so that the water will run out nicely. 


One way to make sure that your pipes are going downhill, is to drop a golf ball in at top of the pipe and see if it runs through and out the end. If a golf ball can do that, then surplus rain water should be able to do the same. One thing that I did invest in was a hinged and screened end for the pipe. Drizzly rain can run through the screen, but when it buckets down, the hinge will allow fast flowing water to get away. Here’s the final product:
I think that’s 10 out of 10 for me and I deserve a nice glass of Shiraz.

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