Stupid snake

While the groovy pad is being built, there are tradesmen whizzing in and out. Tradesmen are not known for careful driving and tend to whiz rather quickly up and down the driveway. At the paddock, we are always concerned for wildlife which doesn’t work well with whizzing cars.
So the other day, I was out and about, productively weeding, when I noticed a snake on the driveway. I went up to investigate and the snake pretty much just stayed where it was. I gave it the once over looking for an injury, but it seemed OK. Then I worked out that due to the slope, the poor bugger couldn’t get much traction on the bitumen. Most of his muscle control was being use to stop him from rolling down the hill. How embarrassing for the poor bugger. So I picked him up and moved him off the driveway. No thank you from the snake, but I’m hoping that he will knock off a rat or two in return for the favour.

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A redneck in the paddock

This littleredneck lovely has taken up residence in the paddock. It is a redneck wallaby. The redneck doesn’t hang around in pods, preferring a solitary life perhaps of contemplation. They come together from time to time to mate where the males do that boingaroo boxing thing that they do. But after the fighting, they make up nicely. Anyway as the redneck likes to eat dandelions, I am just glad to have some help with the weeding.

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Azure Bay Kingfishers – a Royal visit

So Wills and Kate were in Oz recently, but we had a right royal visit from a pair of Kingfishers. Their majesties rolled up one morning and hung about our dam for a while. I really hope they like the look of the paddock and are planning to build their palace here. If so, I should be seeing them again any day soon. They take about a week to knock up a palace fit for baby Kingfishers. In the meantime, I am really chuffed to have seen these rare royals outside La Studio. Here’s a pic:


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Dragons in my pot

Three Dragons in my pot. I feel a bit like Daenerys Targaryen, except I’m not a cute blonde and these are Water Dragons, not fire breathers. We had plenty of Water Dragons in the paddock until the vile and filthy dog next door killed a big male. Then they all did a runner for a few years, so it is great to see them back. Anyway, among all the mess around La Studio (all our garden gear is down there while groovy pad is being built) was an old brown pot that got rainwater in it. These three baby dragons must have thought is would be a fun place to hang out so they climbed in. The problem being that because of the shape, they couldn’t get out again.
But it is all too easy peasy for a big human paddock worker to tip the pot onto its side so that baby dragons could escape.
I guess the odds are not in their favour for growing into fine big dragons. There would be a number of predators looking for a feed on water dragon, but at least they now have a sporting chance rather than being stuck in a pot of water.
Here’s a nice picture of them:

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Boingaroo in the paddock

The wallaby family popped over for a visit the other day which is great. Last time I saw one in the paddock, its poor tail was in the jaws of the neighbours bloody dog. The dog let go of the poor old thing before I managed to get within booting distance. Otherwise that dog would have had extremely sore testicles.

Anyway, it’s nice that they’re back. Not being an expert, I would guess that these are red necked pademelons (the red fur on their neck being a giveaway) This is a species that generally like to hang out in rainforests. With all the rain we’ve had there is plenty of grass to spare and they do look rather pretty so welcome wallabies hope you stay awhile.

stuff 002 stuff 005



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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Frogs

I was about to cut off some Arrowroot the other day, when I noticed some suspicious looking brown dots on the leaves. My trusty spectacles revealed that I was looking at a few hundred frogs. Frogs have plenty of predators lurking around so I thought that the least I could do was to leave them be. Here’s a pic – they’re about half the size of your little fingernail (unless you have large manly hands like me)

Feb 005

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A nice Dragon

I do love having Water Dragons around the place. We had a nice mob down at the main dam for a number of years until the neighbours bloody dog came onto the place and grabbed the big male. I took the poor old bugger down to Australia Zoo where they have a dedicated facility to assist injured wildlife, but he didn’t make it. Water Dragons have harems with one male to look after his girls and the babies. After he died, the rest just left. So it was great to see them finally returning after about 5 years. They are very shy, but will get used to humans wandering around, so eventually they will just ignore me.

 Here’s a pic taken from the verandah:

hurricane 017

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Magpie – the Australian type

I kinda, sort of, really like Magpies. They’re always around the place and among their calls is one that is my all time number one favourite. They’re outside now making that song. They aren’t your typically timid Dicky and often hang around on the ground in groups of two or three, just looking around the place. I generally worry that they’re up to no good and casing the Cubby house ready to break in and raid the fridge. Also, when they’re on the ground, they walk rather than hop. They will walk right up to your plate and help themselves to a bit of chocolate cake if you let them. They are the hard men of the air and will take on anything that they reckon is invading their space. It could be a big raptor – they don’t care – they just terrify it with aggro. 

Now the bad news is that in November, when the baby pies have hatched. The males get super agro about territory and will swoop down to attack humans. If they are super successful at this, the government will sanction a hit on them. Seems a shame as it ain’t that difficult to pop a hat on in November – preferably made of steel.

Anyway, here’s a pic of a pie. They’re very formal in their black and white and wouldn’t look out of place at the front door of a club, just checking out who’s coming and going and sorting out the more difficult customers.


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Tawny Frogmouth Owls

Got to be one of my favourite Dicky Birds. These guys are so inoffensive. They just sit there blending in with the rainforest knowing that you can’t see them. As they know you can’t see them, they just sit nice and still for the camera. Also, like your Prince, they mate for life. How lovable.2002 09 Tawny Frogmouth Owl

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Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

A couple of not that good pics for you. We always know when Black Cockatoos are visiting the Paddock. They scream in (and I mean scream) – not as annoying as a Crow or a Cat Bird, and no where near as annoying as White Cockatoos that hang around in big mobs, but you certainly know when they are there. These blokes are pretty timid and stay a long way from the cubby house, but anyway, I had a go to show you. Even though they don’t have a pretty song to sing to me, I still like having them around because they are so pretty. Makes we want to go out an plant another tree.

Picture 1 014

Picture 1 013

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