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Rain, Rain, Rain

I may be exaggerating. They copped a flogging in Brisbane but at least we got some half decent rain. Good timing just after a bit of planting. Now more weeds will grow, but, in the words of the great Dalek, they will be exterminated.


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One down, one to go

Well, our youngest moved out yesterday. After all the waiting, it was a bit sad to see him go. But it gave me pause to consider how proud I am that he is moving into his own house and how proud he has made me pretty much the whole time he has been on the planet. It also reminded me of the time when the Responsible Adult and I started our adventures together in our first home. Now if only our eldest would move out of the studio, we can resume our adventures together after 25 years of home invasion by boys.


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After a couple of stinking hot days in the paddock, I was ready to give up last night and sell the whole bloody place. But after a good nights sleep, I’m taking stock of the positive stuff. So here’s a picture of the edge of the new driveway. It’s about 60 meters long and I’ve spent a lot of time weeding it. But finally with Lomandra now self seeding and plenty of mulch, it’s a breeze. I still get the odd weed, but it takes about 2 hours a month to weed and by next year, it should be pretty much self maintaining.


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Barung Landcare

You may think I’ve forgotten the paddock, but no, after the Responsible Adult, it is the foremost thing on my mind. I’ve been working on a steep bank on the second dam. Given it a decent cleanout and need to put in some trees. Luckily, there is a world class Landcare Nursery just around the corner from the Paddock. So I’ve been down and got some stuff to plant and now must perform rain dancing. Here’s a link to the Landcare:

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The Seige of Krishnapur by J G Farrell

Part of my self appointed task of reading all Booker winners. This one got a well deserved gong in 1973. Loved it – Ripping Yarn – great characters – action – philosophy – humour – theology – social commentary and, well, the boys do get to see the odd naked bosom. The novel is a fictional account of the Indian uprising of 1857. The stage is set with some fine descriptions of a newcomer attempting to join the Society of a colonised  town in India. As the siege begins Farrell provides the characters with the best of British spirit and ingenuity while also showing the absurdity of their social and class system. As their lives disintegrate, the stiff upper lip attitude remains intact. The novel shows why the British were able to build an Empire while also showing why they were unable to maintain one.

Loved it and will look for more of J  G Farrell.

Here’s your quote: “Why do people insist on defending their ideas and opinions with such ferocity, as if defending honour itself? What could be easier to change than an idea?”


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Format C:

I’m back after a few days playing with the computer. After about 4 years, I decided it was time to give it the full clean up by formatting the hard drive. Before I started, I looked at some tech blogs and got some great advice. Here’s a top tip. Before you start get a utility called Belarc Adviser. It will map your system and give you all sorts of information you need to get it back running.

Here’s a BIG tip from me.  Before you start, make sure you have the original install discs. I found out after the format that the guy who sold me the laptop gave me the wrong discs. I managed to borrow a windows install disc and had my serial key both stuck to the bottom of the laptop and recorded in Belarc Adviser.

If you don’t have the manufacturers install disc with drivers, get Driver Manager. A utility that checks your hardware and tells you roughly what drivers you need.

Anyway, the weeds have had 4 days without me and I’m off to the Paddock.

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Room – Emma Donaghue

This book got rave reviews when it came out. I’ve put off reading it due to the subject matter which makes it seem like it would be a tough read. Not so, very readable and a bit hard to put away when the weeds are knocking on the door. Narrated by 5 year old Jack who only knows the world as the interior of a garden shed and the only other humans as Ma and Old Nick who visits some nights and provides supplies infrequently. There are obvious difficulties in having the entire novel narrated by a 5 year old, but the story carries it along. Some describe this as a literary classic. I’m no so sure, but it is a good yarn and worth a read.

Here’s your quote: “Me and Ma have a deal, we’re going to try everything one time so we know what we like.”


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