Rain Water

What a difference a day makes

DSC02165_20140406191525759Here at the paddock, we sometimes get a big nudge from nature in the form of subtropical rain. This is usually during December or January, but this year, it came in March. It bucketed down. We had 3 dams before the paddock splitting and now have about one and a quarter. Only one holds water with the other two normally dry. A big drop of rain will fill the two dry dams, and that’s what we got. Now we will get a nice view of water and wildlife until somewhere around spring.Wahoo!

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Another Garden Tap

Managed to get a garden tap installed at the back of La Studio. For the front tap, I had bought fittings from the local store in our little town. Easy peasy. Then, while visiting a big chain hardware store I saw some fittings for a whole dollar cheaper. Being a shrewd Paddock worker out for a bargain, I bought the cheaper fittings. After much swearing and time wasted, I threw them out and went back to the local store. Things got much easier after that. Phew! Needed a Shiraz or two after all that hard work and swearing at plumbing fittings.


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Wahoo it’s raining

It’s been particularly dry the last few weeks which is great for Paddock Workers AND Responsible Adults. Paddock Workers get to pull out weeds and Responsible Adults can work on their tan – a real win/win situation. But even the Responsible Adult started commenting on the lack of green in the grass so I commenced on the secret Paddock Workers rain dancing.

Your starting point is car washing. Usually you only have to wash one car and the rain will come. This time, we had our Youngest wash both our cars, and his, then get his BFF around to wash his car too. None of those worked. So I said in a loud voice that I was going to mow and actually mowed all paddocks. Still no rain. Then I started digging holes to cement posts – didn’t do it. Finally I made arrangements to borrow the Good Mates trailer so I could get some sand, gravel and cement. THAT did the trick. It’s raining and I can’t mix concrete in the rain. Wahoo!!!
I’m taking the Responsible Adult out for breakfast (and perhaps dropping into Bunnings while we’re out)

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Digging Holes

Thought I might have a day off weeding and do something FUN! Fun, that is, that involves a mattock and a shovel. It’s got to rain soon and the little rain water tank down at ‘La studio’ will overflow. Last year, the overflow washed under the building – most unsatisfactory. 

So I purchased 9 meters of down pipe and started digging a trench. Fortunately I didn’t have to dig too deep as there will be decking and gravel added to the area soonish to give more protection to the underground pipes. The main thing with the trench is to make sure it goes down hill so that the water will run out nicely. 


One way to make sure that your pipes are going downhill, is to drop a golf ball in at top of the pipe and see if it runs through and out the end. If a golf ball can do that, then surplus rain water should be able to do the same. One thing that I did invest in was a hinged and screened end for the pipe. Drizzly rain can run through the screen, but when it buckets down, the hinge will allow fast flowing water to get away. Here’s the final product:
I think that’s 10 out of 10 for me and I deserve a nice glass of Shiraz.

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