Kookaburra and other dicky birds

Watching dicky birds has become a bit of a pasttime down at the groovy pad. The old cubby house was surrounded by trees, so it was a bit can’t see the dicky birds for the forest. Down here, we can see far more of the lovely little feathered friends. It is particularly nice of an arvo to sit on the deck with a nice coldie and watch them travel up and down the valley. There’s a mob of kooka’s that like to spend the night on a deceased wattle tree in the paddock. The wander in about half an hour before sunset, have a good laugh or two before tucking their heads under their wings for the night. Anyhow, one of them popped over for a good gawk at us before going to bed. Here he is:


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Magpie – the Australian type

I kinda, sort of, really like Magpies. They’re always around the place and among their calls is one that is my all time number one favourite. They’re outside now making that song. They aren’t your typically timid Dicky and often hang around on the ground in groups of two or three, just looking around the place. I generally worry that they’re up to no good and casing the Cubby house ready to break in and raid the fridge. Also, when they’re on the ground, they walk rather than hop. They will walk right up to your plate and help themselves to a bit of chocolate cake if you let them. They are the hard men of the air and will take on anything that they reckon is invading their space. It could be a big raptor – they don’t care – they just terrify it with aggro. 

Now the bad news is that in November, when the baby pies have hatched. The males get super agro about territory and will swoop down to attack humans. If they are super successful at this, the government will sanction a hit on them. Seems a shame as it ain’t that difficult to pop a hat on in November – preferably made of steel.

Anyway, here’s a pic of a pie. They’re very formal in their black and white and wouldn’t look out of place at the front door of a club, just checking out who’s coming and going and sorting out the more difficult customers.


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Tawny Frogmouth Owls

Got to be one of my favourite Dicky Birds. These guys are so inoffensive. They just sit there blending in with the rainforest knowing that you can’t see them. As they know you can’t see them, they just sit nice and still for the camera. Also, like your Prince, they mate for life. How lovable.2002 09 Tawny Frogmouth Owl

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Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

A couple of not that good pics for you. We always know when Black Cockatoos are visiting the Paddock. They scream in (and I mean scream) – not as annoying as a Crow or a Cat Bird, and no where near as annoying as White Cockatoos that hang around in big mobs, but you certainly know when they are there. These blokes are pretty timid and stay a long way from the cubby house, but anyway, I had a go to show you. Even though they don’t have a pretty song to sing to me, I still like having them around because they are so pretty. Makes we want to go out an plant another tree.

Picture 1 014

Picture 1 013

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Moorhen babies

Your Prince just loves it when new subjects arrive at the Paddock (except Bandicoots) and was delighted to notice the arrival of two baby Moor Hens. Sensitive readers stop now and look at the picture.

Unfortunately, by the following day, it was down to one Moorhen Baby. But Moorhens are a hardy lot and prolific breeders so they will continue. The baby is behind the water lilly flowers.

Picture 013

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King Parrot – a girly one

The King Parrot was back yesterday – brought his girlfriend with him, so I took a couple of shots of her. It’s that time of year when they make baby King Parrots.


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Red Backed Fairy Wren

Here’s a little dickie bird I have often wanted to photograph. It’s a bit hard because they are small and fast and move a lot. This one is a boy. Reason I know this is because it is pretty. Nobody but a dedicated dickie bird fancier would photograph the girly Red Backed Fairy Wren. This bloke was on his own, so I’m fairly sure he is a Gen Y dickie. Now I always thought that the Red Backed Fairy Wren had a harem as I normally see them with a heap of girlys. But, turns out that all babies look like girlys so it is more likely that I have seen a boy with its family on a nice outing. They are actually socially monogamous and sexually promiscuous. Anyway, I have to get back to the weeding. Here’s your pic:


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Striated Pardalotes (Dickie Birds) update

Bloody Striated Pardalotes

So, you may recall me having a whinge about these dickie birds holding up progress on the mighty retaining wall., here’s what Professor Mate wrote:
  “Lucky buggers.  You have a pair of Striated Pardalotes nesting in your bank.  Since you saw one with a worm in its beak – it most certainly has young at the end of its tunnel.  Their nesting tunnel is about 1m long with a small chamber containing a nest at the end.  These birds always dig a tunnel in an earth bank for a nest.
        Last year this pair nested in a bank at the back of Paul’s house.
They have done this for a couple of years now and I wondered where they were nesting this year.  When we had a load of soil delivered for our vege garden they dug their tunnel in the pile of dirt and we had to put off filling the vege garden until they raised their young.  I would guess that it is the same pair that is now nesting in your retaining wall.
        Since they are feeding young, it should not be too long before they will be finished with their nesting tunnel.  So take a break from building your retaining wall for a week or two and let these beautiful little birds complete their nesting.”

 So there. I’ve been officially told by the Prof. to down tools and have a nice lay down.

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King Parrot

Who’s a pretty boy then?

So, you would know by now that often, when I look out the window, there’s some dickie bird or other having a feed on my shrubs. Today it was a King Parrot. This particular King Parrot is a boy. I can tell it’s a boy, because it’s pretty. The girly King Parrots are a bit Plain Jane. So, King Parrots, like your Paddock Worker, mate for life. When it comes around to a bit of the old making Parrot babies, the boy King does a little dance, then the girl King opens her beak and the boy vomits in it. Getting turned on yet?

Some people like to keep these dickie birds as pets. At the Paddock, all creatures are welcome to come and go as they please except for Bandicoots, Brush Turkeys, the neighbours bloody dog and people who like Alan Jones.

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Noisy Miner

No, they haven’t started fracking the paddock, a Noisy Miner is a dicky bird.

These are very common around the paddock as they are a species that has benefited from human development. They like the types of plants humans tend to like and grow. They hang around in organised mobs, terrorising smaller dicky birds and ganging up on bigger dickies.
Don’t be looking out for elaborate mating rituals – they’re into occasional orgies for reproduction. There is also a very good and hopefully self explanatory reason they are called noisy. 

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