Still Volunteering

I’m still doing bits and pieces for the Neighbourhood Centre, and will do chores for other mobs too. The local green groups got more funding for more trees So when they had a tree plant to install about 5,000 trees, I went along. Not to plant trees, I do enough of that in the Paddock, but to help feed sausages the volunteers.

Not sure how many mystery bags I’ve fried over the years, but that number increased by about 500 on Saturday morning. And I don’t even eat them. Here’s some pics : 



bbq 1 Me n Ward

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Volunteering – still

Christmas Morning 2005

So, the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre asked me to locate any images I could find on CD’s and hard drives and organise them neatly in a file on the server. Who said volunteering wasn’t fun?? At the same time, I’ve dug out a digital camera and its various components which had been carefully hidden in a wide range of cupboards to get it into a workable proposition. Anyway, while going through their photo’s, I found one of this rather dashing looking Paddock Worker cooking eggs for the mob on Christmas morning 2005. The MNC started a tradition of providing a free Christmas breakky quite a few years ago. I’ve missed a couple, but wherever possible, I like to go and cook a couple of hundred eggs before wandering home for a beer in the paddock. Just noticed that: The shirt was a gift from Best Mate, the apron was a gift from Big Sis, the hat was loned to me by one of the mob …. do I ever buy clothing apparel and accessories? Perhaps not. 

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Maleny Neighbourhood Centre

Volunteering is something I’ve been doing for a long time. Not sure why. You get to meet a lot of people, feel like you’re helping out.  The main thing I’ve learned over the years is to avoid committees – so these days I just look to do tasks.

Anyway I come into the Neighbourhood Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays. Started doing some IT work for them about a year ago, but then their cleaner left. It seemed to me that a good way for me to help them save a dollar was to take on the cleaning. So I do that twice a week and still play with a bit of IT. 

I’ve been hanging round with these guys on and off for about 15 years. Their purpose in life is helping people. Not a bad ambition. Anyway, here’s an old pick I found in the office where we got the funding for the lovely building I now get to clean twice a week.

Howard, Carolyn, Anna and Me

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