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5 Things to do on a Rainy Day

We finally had a rainy day yesterday. The last couple of years have been very, very wet but we are back to dry seasons now. Anyway, some tips to share with Paddock Workers.

1. Sit back and smell the rain – you’ve been working hard slaying the nasty weeds and deserve a break. Alternately, clean out the leaf guards on your down pipes. Obviously, your clever Prince had already done this when it was dry, so he can take the first option.

2. Clean the coffee machine. This is a metaphor for some item that you use daily and needs regular maintenance. At the cubby house, the Responsible Adult is in charge of coffee making. She did a turn as a barrista once and like everything else she does, she makes coffee really, really well. TIP! Make sure your Responsible Adult is on hand to explain how the bits go back together.


3. Clean out your old confidential papers. Just tie them in a string, take them down to the rainforest and leave them under a tree. Insects will have a hoot living in it and it will breakdown to become part of the humus. If you are a paranoid Paddock worker, then take down a camping chair and guard the precious papers until they rot. Don’t forget to take a bottle of Shiraz – you may get thirsty.

4. Tidy up your tools. I actually skipped this one as my youngest is STILL at home. He should be moving out in a week or two at which time I shall attempt to find all his secret locations for my tools, tidy up and replace the ones that went through the wardrobe into Narnia.


5. Do nice things for the Responsible Adult. This should actually be a daily task. Our Responsible Adult gets a cup of tea followed by breakfast in bed (Crispy bacon and eggy bread) followed by another cup of tea. In the arvo, she gets a bubble bath and Shiraz at 5pm. On a rainy day, try to do extra stuff.

Think I’ll head off for some pruning. The heat is making everything grow like crazey.

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Free Staghorn

I was wandering past the Mango tree and noticed a Staghorn growing. The Mango Tree came up from some compost before I realised that Mango seeds survive composting. Mango trees don’t fruit here – too wet – and I have been meaning to cut it down. But I live in hope that it may, one day, give me a Mango to eat. Anyway, here’s another reason to leave it alone and have a glass of Shiraz instead.

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Bernhard Schlink – The Gordian Knot

So I came across Bernhard Schlink when his novel The Reader was made into a movie. Didn’t bother with the movie – just went for the book which was a ripper. This is one of his earlier works and does not dissapoint – although don’t be expecting something as fab-o as the Reader. You can knock the book over fairly quickly and the plot does become pretty far fetched. The characters are simply sketched and his trips into philosophy a bit facile. But if you are happy to be carried along by a story then give it a whirl. Your quote: In the Gordian fortress one day, Alexander the Great happened upon a great knot that no one had ever managed to unravel. The upshot was that Alexander simply took his sword and cut through the knot.


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Don’t throw your Weeds away

Nothing that grows on the Paddock leaves the Paddock. There’s no point in tossing away weeds, prunings or anything else that has used the nutrients from your soil. You want to keep all that stuff and put it back into the soil. The only stuff that goes to landfill from here is Moth Vine seeds (too risky to let loose) Avocado and Mango seeds both of which will survive composting and grow. I keep about 6 compost bins in various locations around the place. They are almost impossible to fill. The stuff at the bottom rots and compacts so there is always room for weeds, small cuttings, vege scraps, coffee grounds and whatever.

Every so often, I stop putting stuff into one and leave it for a year. When you come back, there will be a small pile of black compost.

OK – but what about those bad, bad weeds that may still manage to survive a compost bin? I keep a handy wheely bin with a lid. The bad boys go in there. Leave it in the sun for a while to cook those little buggers. This bin gets emptied under the Mulberry tree where it is very dark. Nothing survives. Cool ain’t it?


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Red Belly Black Snake

We have a family of Red Belly snakes down the paddock. Lots of humans around here like to kill these poor little buggers because they are poisonous. Black snakes are most welcome at the paddock. While they have poison, it’s pretty mild stuff for an Australian snake and should just send you for a bit of nice R&R in a hospital bed. People I know who have been bitten have been trying to handle or kill the snake. But I find them to be extremely timid – they bolt before I can get anywhere near them. They also eat other snakes, so if you have Black snakes, then your population of the more deadly variety tend to stay away. Bring on the Black snakes I say. Ban the Bandicoot.


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Red Backed Fairy Wren

Here’s a little dickie bird I have often wanted to photograph. It’s a bit hard because they are small and fast and move a lot. This one is a boy. Reason I know this is because it is pretty. Nobody but a dedicated dickie bird fancier would photograph the girly Red Backed Fairy Wren. This bloke was on his own, so I’m fairly sure he is a Gen Y dickie. Now I always thought that the Red Backed Fairy Wren had a harem as I normally see them with a heap of girlys. But, turns out that all babies look like girlys so it is more likely that I have seen a boy with its family on a nice outing. They are actually socially monogamous and sexually promiscuous. Anyway, I have to get back to the weeding. Here’s your pic:


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Example of a Good Tree

Example of a Good Tree

It must surely rain soon. So it’s a good time to have a look in the tree guards to see firstly whether the little buggers are alive and secondly whether the weeds have grown in there with them. This here’s a good one. No room for weeds and definitely alive. I could have put up a shot of a tree guard with a 2 metre cobblers peg growing out of it, but prefer to be positive about the whole thing. On removing the cobblers peg, I found a small tree still alive at the bottom. After checking about 200 trees and weeding them, there are about 5 deaths. Not bad. I’m a happy Paddock Worker.

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Gone from Google

Well, after much frustration with Blogger, here I am at WordPress. Let’s see if it works! 2 minutes later and I have imported the blog from Blogger. Easy peasy. Can’t find the font button yet. OK, found the fonts, they want money for fonts. OK I’ll keep with the free stuff for now. You may be wondering why my manly posts go under the name debralnewman. I shall let you know soon.


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Trip to Briz-Vegas

Here’s a double whinge for today – firstly, Blogger won’t let me upload pictures for some reason – so you don’t get to see pics of Briz-Vegas and secondly I had to go to Briz-Vegas yesterday.

It is called Briz-Vegas by those of us who grew up in a nice capital city called Brisbane. Successive Governments have decided that:

1. It would be really cool to knock down all the lovely old buildings and replace them with nice new 600 storey monsters. That’s because visitors don’t want to see historical buildings they want to see what they can see at pretty much any other city.

2. If we keep cramming more and more people into Briz, then everybody will have lots more money and we will all be happy. Yeah – right.

So they took a perfectly charming big town and have turned into a high rise noisy crowded city with substantial traffic problems. The last Government tried to fix the traffic by installing roads in the sky as well as tunnels under the ground. The sky roads are sooo attractive. You get to pay for driving in the sky or underground, so poor old Paddock Workers have to shuffle along at ground level with all the other paupers.

Anyway, I went there with Old Mate next door to register our plan of subdivision. We both have lenders involved and his mob took exactly 364 days to agree to this and turn up at the Titles Office. But the plan is lodged so the end of a 6 year process has finally happened.

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Good to have a good mate

By David Paulson

So local artist David Paulson is having a survey of his works at Noosa Regional Gallery. David is a recognised artist nationally and Good Mate is fortunate to own a couple of pieces. We also have a small piece of David’s work. Good Mate advised he and his lovely Missus would go up for a peek-a-boo today and invited us along. The Responsible Adult decided to stay home to work on her tan and do the annual change over in the wardrobe from winter to summer gear.

Another work by David Paulson
Me trying for that Paulson pose

It surely was nice to be picked up in an air-conditioned Land Cruiser and be driven to the Gallery. We spent sometime admiring the works and watching David chat to us on the Gallery’s TV. It was all inspirational and I wouldn’t mind popping down to La Studio to have a bash with some pastels after seeing all those lovely images. Alas, our eldest is currently residing at La Studio – I shall say no more on that. After the show, Good Mate suggested that he should shout fish and chips at the Noosa Marina. Fish and chips at Noosa Marina is recommended. So Good Mate then decided he wanted to buy a bit of fish for his dinner. He came back with some Snapper which included a piece for me. So I got a nice day out chauffer driven to the Art Gallery, lunch and dinner. At no time did Good Mate even mention his trailer which I borrowed about 3 weeks ago.
Now, Paddock Workers I’m guessing by this time you don’t need me to explain why it’s good to have a Good Mate. If only he had a wine cellar full of Shiraz – oh that’s right, HE DOES!
Here’s a picture of me with David.

David winning the People’s Choice Award SCAP 2006


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