Cubby house sold

Well, I guess if you put your home on the market, someone will buy it. I think this was a bit tougher because whoever we sold it to would also be our new neighbours. So it sold to a young couple – which is good, who are very tough negotiators – not so good if you are on the receiving end, who both work for Parks Department – which is also good. Unfortunately, they gave us a list of demands, so I have been working at ugly and sometimes expensive chores.

I always thought it would also be tough leaving, given this is the home where we raised the boys. When the paintings went down to La Studio, I thought that was over. It was no longer our home. But with just a couple of days to go, I am feeling a tiny bit sensitive about leaving here.

On the plus side, the day after settlement, we are off to Vietnam taking our youngest and his girlfriend as a treat for them. We figure it will be a lot cheaper for us to stay in Vietnam while the new groovy pad is being built.

Also on the plus side, we have packed up a whole lot of stuff and taken it to La Studio so it is just our main furniture going into storage. Mind you, moving the concrete garden stuff was a bit hard on the back.  So now it is cleaning, cleaning and cleaning all for our new neighbours.

Bye, cubby house. Thanks for having us for 19 years.


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No Smoking

I would really love a durrie right now. It’s been 3 days and 23 hours since I had one. Then I went to a hypnotist for a bit of no smoking therapy.  The hypnosis was interesting – it is really just a deep relaxation/meditation thingy. But it did seem to have some short term benefit. I came home not feeling one bit like having a fag. But alas, by the next day the cravings had set in. Apparently, cravings are supposed to be spasmodic and last for about 3 seconds. Shame my brain doesn’t know that because it seems to just go on and on with me. The Responsible Adult went along a few hours after me and by day 2, I thought she was going to crash and burn. But she got a surprising call to go to work and came home all bright, positive and happy. And I thought she would be the one to struggle. She is going really well.images

So I shall just look to the benefits. My smokers cough is nearly gone. My blood pressure is the best it’s been in years. The house smells better and is neater. We aren’t paying exorbitant amounts of tax to Tony Abbott’s government. The downside is being a bit miserable, but that will pass as will the cravings. No need to wish me luck – I know that if I have a smoke, it will relieve the cravings for about 5 minutes, then they will be back with a vengeance. Best to just stick it out.

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Cubby House for Sale

After 18 years of domestic bliss, it’s time for the Responsible Adult and I to move on and so the cubby house is on the market. It’s just too big for us. Typically, it looks great. This has happened to every house we have owned – we make it all look great for the sale. Next house, I will work very hard to make it look great from day 1. But back to this place. There is no doubt that I will cry sometime after signing a contract. This has been pretty much the only home I have ever had. Sure, I’ve had houses before (and pretty darn nice ones) but this place is home. We grew the naughty boys here, went through the great times of raising a family and shooing them off to make their own lives. We’ve had great parties and many, many good times. I love this place.

Anyway, when we put the third paddock on the market, it sold pretty quickly after I posted a blog about it. So I thought I would try the same trick again.  

If you know anyone that wants to live in paradise (talking about the little town) in a lovely home that is rather large, then send them my way.


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A Nice Walk on the Beach

I took the Responsible Adult on a week’s holiday to our favourite beach – Rainbow Beach. After unpacking, we went for a wander to the beach, which was gone with the wind. Yep, the Cyclone had excavated the beach. Just as well I got a house with a pool. At low tide, I was able to walk into town and did so every day to keep all those medical people I see regularly happy. Some of the erosion was 3 to 4 meters deep and there were plenty of tree skeletons along the way. Anyway, here’s a pic of the beach at low tide. My walk went down to where you can see some white things on the hill.  I surely hope you guys in the Northern Hemisphere get a better summer than we had.

toes 005

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Cooking by candlelight

Sound romantic? Here’s a pic:

hurricane 007It wasn’t romance that set this scene up. It was a cyclone. Or, to be more precise, as the cyclone had weakened, a tropical low. Just as well it had weakened as the tropical low caused enough death and destruction. So, along with about 200,000 other houses,  the cubby house was without power, phone, internet and mobile coverage for 3 days. So here’s a couple of tips if it happens to you.

First, eat the most expensive stuff you have in the fridge. Eating a nice Stilton cheese with smoked salmon washed down by some good Shiraz eased my suffering considerably.

Second, make sure you have a portable radio, or a radio app in your devices. You need some sort of music while you are eating your expensive stuff.

Third, make sure there is some place on your downpipes where you can collect rainwater. I guess it’s possible to live on Shiraz, but someone may also want a cup of tea. And of course, there is the flushing to consider.

Finally, get a pack of cards – if you don’t know what that is, ask an older person. Playing games on your tablet is fun until the battery needs recharging but after that, it’s cards, backgammon and practicing how to make an adult film with your loved one.

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Washing Machine – Fixed!!

I can’t believe it. Decided to do a load of washing for the Responsible Adult. Washing Machine broke down – buggered pump. So, I decided to research it and have a go at fixing it. Pretty stupid for the world’s worst handyman, but there is this fabulous thingy called YouTube. So I found a video made by LG of how to take apart and put back together my washing machine. Then, with this other fabulous thingy called Google, I found a full diagrammatic parts list. So I Googled the part and found plenty of people willing to sell me a new pump. Got one for about $50 delivered. Pulled out the old pump, put in the new one and it’s all working. Amazing. On the video, the pro pulled apart and put back together his washing machine in about 5 minutes. Took me about a day, but then I’m not very good at this stuff. Anyway, the Responsible Adult is impressed and that makes me Very Happy.

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One down, one to go

Well, our youngest moved out yesterday. After all the waiting, it was a bit sad to see him go. But it gave me pause to consider how proud I am that he is moving into his own house and how proud he has made me pretty much the whole time he has been on the planet. It also reminded me of the time when the Responsible Adult and I started our adventures together in our first home. Now if only our eldest would move out of the studio, we can resume our adventures together after 25 years of home invasion by boys.


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Format C:

I’m back after a few days playing with the computer. After about 4 years, I decided it was time to give it the full clean up by formatting the hard drive. Before I started, I looked at some tech blogs and got some great advice. Here’s a top tip. Before you start get a utility called Belarc Adviser. It will map your system and give you all sorts of information you need to get it back running.

Here’s a BIG tip from me.  Before you start, make sure you have the original install discs. I found out after the format that the guy who sold me the laptop gave me the wrong discs. I managed to borrow a windows install disc and had my serial key both stuck to the bottom of the laptop and recorded in Belarc Adviser.

If you don’t have the manufacturers install disc with drivers, get Driver Manager. A utility that checks your hardware and tells you roughly what drivers you need.

Anyway, the weeds have had 4 days without me and I’m off to the Paddock.

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5 Things to do on a Rainy Day

We finally had a rainy day yesterday. The last couple of years have been very, very wet but we are back to dry seasons now. Anyway, some tips to share with Paddock Workers.

1. Sit back and smell the rain – you’ve been working hard slaying the nasty weeds and deserve a break. Alternately, clean out the leaf guards on your down pipes. Obviously, your clever Prince had already done this when it was dry, so he can take the first option.

2. Clean the coffee machine. This is a metaphor for some item that you use daily and needs regular maintenance. At the cubby house, the Responsible Adult is in charge of coffee making. She did a turn as a barrista once and like everything else she does, she makes coffee really, really well. TIP! Make sure your Responsible Adult is on hand to explain how the bits go back together.


3. Clean out your old confidential papers. Just tie them in a string, take them down to the rainforest and leave them under a tree. Insects will have a hoot living in it and it will breakdown to become part of the humus. If you are a paranoid Paddock worker, then take down a camping chair and guard the precious papers until they rot. Don’t forget to take a bottle of Shiraz – you may get thirsty.

4. Tidy up your tools. I actually skipped this one as my youngest is STILL at home. He should be moving out in a week or two at which time I shall attempt to find all his secret locations for my tools, tidy up and replace the ones that went through the wardrobe into Narnia.


5. Do nice things for the Responsible Adult. This should actually be a daily task. Our Responsible Adult gets a cup of tea followed by breakfast in bed (Crispy bacon and eggy bread) followed by another cup of tea. In the arvo, she gets a bubble bath and Shiraz at 5pm. On a rainy day, try to do extra stuff.

Think I’ll head off for some pruning. The heat is making everything grow like crazey.

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Gone from Google

Well, after much frustration with Blogger, here I am at WordPress. Let’s see if it works! 2 minutes later and I have imported the blog from Blogger. Easy peasy. Can’t find the font button yet. OK, found the fonts, they want money for fonts. OK I’ll keep with the free stuff for now. You may be wondering why my manly posts go under the name debralnewman. I shall let you know soon.


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