Crikey! Don’t know what it’s like at your place, but the paddock is about as hot as Mount Vesuvius on eruption day. At least the summer flowers are coming out. There are a few daylillies around the place to cheer up overheated paddock workers. These flowering plants originated in China and like all chinese plants, thrive in Oz. The name daylilly was an easy choice as the flowers last for a day. But, in flowering season, there are plenty of buds so you get a new flower each day. The daylillies I have were gifts from various people when we first moved here. They tend to make a new plant every year or so and can then be divided. People who are mad keen on these things hybridise them to try and achieve a new flower which they can then grandly name. So if I were to hybridise one, (which I surely won’t), I could call it Responsabilis Puberus for the Responsible Adult. Anyway, back to when we got here. So there was much fuss over the growing and particularly the selling of these plants. Unfortunately, the growers appeared to tackle competition as something to be smothered rather than joining together to make us the Daylilly capital of Oz or something. Prices got quite high – not quite like the great tulip bubble in the 17th century, but still very pricey. These days, you can buy very nice ones for about a tenner, but your best bet is to find other growers and swap your divided plants. Costs nothing. Here’s a pic:


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