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The Gamal by CiarĂ¡n Collins

The Gamal is an Irish term which seems to equate to the village idiot and this novel is narrated by the Gamal. For the village idiot, he is pretty bright and also, happy to say, quite witty. He is writing this book as an exercise for his psychiatrist and as a way to deal with a trauma that has badly affected him.
While it is hard to trust his narration of a series of events, he is definitely worth reading. The tale borrows a bit from Othello and Romeo and Juliet – so you can probably tell it won’t be a happy tale, but the telling is full of humour. The writing is fresh and rather unique. Perhaps it is a bit over long and the Gamal can wander down some navel gazing paths that may have been best edited out but it is a bloody good read.
Give it a go – you will be glad you did.

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Bali bath success

So, the bath we imported from Bali arrived with a banged up base. It looked a bit like a write off to me, but we have a very competent builder who fortunately decided to take it on as a project. We started by filling the base with expanding foam. This stuff is crazy. If there is anyone you don’t like, just squeeze a can of this stuff into one of the orifices of their motor vehicle. Guaranteed chaos.
He then rebuilt part of the base with tile cement. We then superglued some of the larger broken bits on. The bath was installed, but of course the base looked crappy. So I came up with the idea of duplicating the tiled skirting boards around it and you can see for yourself the result. The Responsible Adult has now had several goes at it so it is watertight and works.
It is all good at the Paddock.

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