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Washing Machine – Fixed!!

I can’t believe it. Decided to do a load of washing for the Responsible Adult. Washing Machine broke down – buggered pump. So, I decided to research it and have a go at fixing it. Pretty stupid for the world’s worst handyman, but there is this fabulous thingy called YouTube. So I found a video made by LG of how to take apart and put back together my washing machine. Then, with this other fabulous thingy called Google, I found a full diagrammatic parts list. So I Googled the part and found plenty of people willing to sell me a new pump. Got one for about $50 delivered. Pulled out the old pump, put in the new one and it’s all working. Amazing. On the video, the pro pulled apart and put back together his washing machine in about 5 minutes. Took me about a day, but then I’m not very good at this stuff. Anyway, the Responsible Adult is impressed and that makes me Very Happy.

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