The Boinga had a baby

Our resident Red Necked Wallaby turned up with a friend a while ago. I couldn’t get a shot of the friend as he was very timid. He was also bigger than our resident thus solving the question of gender. Our wallaby being smaller has turned out to be a female. The big male turned up for a couple of days then disappeared. This is typical behaviour for the species. Red Necked Wallabies are solitary by nature so it wasn’t hard to guess why he popped in for a sleepover. Sure enough, our dear little boinga has had a baby boinga. The joey grew quite quickly and once out of the pouch, like his Dad, only stayed for a couple of days.

These wallabies have enjoyed settlement. Since humans no longer hunt them, they have benefitted from land clearing that turns forest into pasture as well as construction of small dams etc which provides water. Of course the other side of the coin is that forest dwelling species such as paddymelons are dwindling.

Here’s a pic:


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