Importing from Bali

Well that was not as much fun as I thought it would be. There was an old rule of thumb when I was a boy that you would double the price of your overseas goods to work out what it would cost to get them to your house. Forget that. We paid around $1500 in Bali and the total cost was a tad over $5000. That was all good as it was still less than just the cost of the bath in Oz. So long as it all got here safely.
We had a fair bit of problems with the customs agent hassling over original receipts. It seemed they didn’t believe that we owned the goods, but finally they explained that Bali shipping companies usually falsely report the cost of goods to help importers reduce duty. Sure enough when we found the original receipts, they were about double the reported price. Anyway, by the time all this got sorted out, it was time for it to leave storage or start paying extra for storage. So I asked for a quote to deliver it to our house, which was $420. Seemed pretty expensive, but I didn’t have too many options.
They sent a rather large truck with a driver who had difficulty negotiating our driveway and I heard at least one large crash as he hit his brakes. He refused to come all the way to the house. I then noticed that he was it – no offsider for 10 packages weighing 600kg. Then I noticed he had no trolley. Then I noticed that only the bath had been tied down. Then I noticed the this way up signs were upside down. None of this bode well. Let’s just say he was pretty rough.
The first package I opened was one of the big vases which was totally smashed. Goodbye $135. The other big vase has small cracks which may be filled and fixed. One statue had small damage – not a big deal. It would all be OK if the bath was OK. The bath wasn’t OK. The base was smashed on one corner and it had severe cracks.
The good news for us is that our builder is a real fixit type and he has done a fair whack of reinforcing the base so that it should be usable. As for the facade, we are thinking of a timber surround filled with river rocks to make it look pretty. More on the bath in a couple of weeks when we have a go at installation.
Overall, I would only import again if we bought enough stuff to fill a container or half container. At least that way we wouldn’t have dickhead Aussies bashing our stuff around.
4 Bath

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