City of Ice John Farrow

After just finishing a Canadian book, I found myself reading of all things, a Canadian book. Could not be more different apart from the cold weather. While the last book was very much a character piece, this one is plot, plot and plot. It is a whopper and has so much plot, that there is not a whole lot of room for character development. Like the last book, I nearly gave this up a couple of pages in at the prologue – old renowned cop attends a covert operation by a newly formed police elite who want to recruit him – operation goes tits up and elite are shown up as bumblers. Sounded like the author has seen one too many American cop movies. But again, I persisted and was rewarded by a remarkable crime novel. Perhaps the best I’ve read. The plot goes places where credibility is stretched (but not snapped) and some of this stuff is based on real events.
I found it fast paced and tense. The main character is a bit of a Sherlock Holmes with remarkable attention to detail and a pretty darn big intellect. He needs it to stay half a step ahead of the opposition. He is ethically rather than legally driven which would have to be excruciatingly difficult for a cop, and can only be this way owing to his smarts. Loved it. Out of 10, for me 11.

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