Staying On Paul Scott

Another Booker winner read and enjoyed. This one won the gong in 1977. Set in India after independence, it starts with the death of one of the main characters, Tusker Smalley. We then travel back a few weeks to see the incidents leading up to his death. The Staying On title refers to the main characters, Tusker and Lucy, staying on in India after the withdrawal of British troops. Lucy has not forgiven Tusker for not returning to England. Tusker is a very grumpy old man and his character made me cringe about my own old man grumpiness. I shall endeavor to do better in this regard. But back to the novel. This is not ripping yarn material but the characters are great and so I had no trouble maintaining an interest in the novel. It seems this is the end of a series of four books written about India and the end of the British Empire. I would be happy to check out the others in this series.


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