Dragons in my pot

Three Dragons in my pot. I feel a bit like Daenerys Targaryen, except I’m not a cute blonde and these are Water Dragons, not fire breathers. We had plenty of Water Dragons in the paddock until the vile and filthy dog next door killed a big male. Then they all did a runner for a few years, so it is great to see them back. Anyway, among all the mess around La Studio (all our garden gear is down there while groovy pad is being built) was an old brown pot that got rainwater in it. These three baby dragons must have thought is would be a fun place to hang out so they climbed in. The problem being that because of the shape, they couldn’t get out again.
But it is all too easy peasy for a big human paddock worker to tip the pot onto its side so that baby dragons could escape.
I guess the odds are not in their favour for growing into fine big dragons. There would be a number of predators looking for a feed on water dragon, but at least they now have a sporting chance rather than being stuck in a pot of water.
Here’s a nice picture of them:

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