Groovy Pad update

Well, it has been a long time in between blogs. After getting home from Vietnam and Bali, then the Responsible Adult finding out she had no work, plus the weeds took advantage of our absence to grow, grow, grow, there hasn’t been a lot of time.
Anyway, we got home to find the frame and roof trusses up. This made us very happy. Last week the roof went on. Don’t know about traditions where you are, but in Oz, roof going on means that the owner (your trusty Paddock Worker) gets to buy beer and nibbles. We then all sit around under the lovely roof and drink until there is no more light to see your stubby. So much happiness as we are closer to moving in to the groovy pad.
In the meantime, the Responsible Adult has scored a job selling rugs. Fortunately, it is not one of those purveyors of rugs that has poorly made advertisements on telly proclaiming to their own insanity at selling cheap rugs, well, cheap. She is working for a Chinese outfit that employs about 1200 people in China to hand make quality rugs. So far, she is loving it, and our bank account is loving her.
Back to weeding.
roof on

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