Day thirty three Bali

DSC02114_20140304230143110Our plan this morning was to check out the Haven beach club. We caught the hotel transport which took us at the way round the corner. It turned out to be a few daybeds on the beach in the shade. Fine for me but the Responsible Adult wants sun, sun, and sun. So after about half hour we headed back.A street tout hit us with the open the card for a free gift trick. We know better than to accept these but for some reason, the Responsible Adult took one. Two T-Shirts. Then, surprise surprise I got first prize, but it would only be revealed after the presentation. For some inexplicable reason we went to the 30 minute presentation. 5 hours later, we got to the contract. Let me cut to the chase. The contract is for 25 years. They can increase the price by whatever they like. You and your heirs can’t get out. They can cancel your benefits and sue you for whatever. No bloody way.
Finally got back to the hotel at 2pm. Message from Nyoman about problems with the bath. He came at 3pm to tell us they wanted a bigger deposit. Got him to phone them to see if they take credit card – no. Researched Bali ATM and found a good one. Got $1200 enough to fully pay for the stuff. Wahoo.
Our last night in Bali so we decided to treat ourselves to Potato Head. Many good cocktails, great music and decent feed. If you ever get a chance, go.

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