Saigon Day twenty five

Up late after a big night out. Andrews cafe for plenty of coffee then back home to try and find out when the Responsible Adult goes back to work. Eventually we found out that she is not on next weeks roster – Wahoo! Our visa expires in a few days and we don’t want to end up in the naughty room at the airport like last time. Visa extensions will cost about $100 each so we figured it may be just as easy to go somewhere else. As we are building the new groovy pad we thought we’d go to Bali to hopefully buy a nice statue or two and perhaps a bath. The bath we have picked comes from Indonesia so we may be able to save a dollar.
Liquid lunch (coconut juice and ice coffee) at the local cafe. Cost $2.50 for three of us. A little old lady came by selling sweet hot tofu for .30c and it was very, very good.
We walked to the supermarket which is pretty much the same as a supermarket anywhere else to buy gifts for the homestay. Settled on a kettle and an iron. Then out on the town for street food. Started with octopus followed by pregnant decapitated squid – the heads all got eaten while I was fiddling with the camera – then some sort of shellfish with a white sauce and finally shellfish cooked with a quail egg to poach and topped with greens. Yum.
Back to the Novotel roof top bar where a beer costs more than dinner.
At the homestay, the electronic key wouldn’t work so we went off to the ParkRoyal for beers. Being 11pm our options were limited. Saigon closes early.

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