Saigon Day twenty four

A great nights sleep at the GoConnect homestay. Coffee at Andrews cafe. We are very grateful to him for the Tet lunch he gave us a few weeks ago and before they left, the kiddies suggested we take him to Hard Rock for dinner. So I asked him if he could take a night off. Back to the homestay where Sue had managed to buy bacon for the Responsible Adult. Not only that but Sue also found real bread. So I cooked up some French toast and crispy bacon and am apparently the best bloke on the planet.
We headed into District one on a mission to revisit the very expensive shop where the Responsible Adult purchased the 13.6 million dong bag last visit and to go to a recommended restaurant for lunch. The shop was closed so we headed for the restaurant. Unlike Hanoi, I get lost in Saigon every time. Amazingly the Responsible Adult found the way! I had to give her a navigation badge on the spot.Problem was that that restaurant has changed to non English. So back to the Contintal for expensive grub served by staffwho aren’t anywhere near as good as they think.
Back in the arvo to help translate a local restaurant menu. Terrific! I now know several words for food.
We picked up Andrew a bit late after the Responsible Adult had her hair done for a whole $2. Terrific night out – a bunch of Koreans did gangnam style with the staff getting into it plus much singing along to old standards and even a bit of Hendrix. Back to Andrews for some late night cocktails.

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