Quy Nhon to Saigon Day twenty three

Woke up to a beautiful day, the sun shining on the ocean and realised that it was our last day here. Almost tempted to extend but we have to start thinking about getting home. Our trip to the airport was a bit hairy and we thought we may become a news item at one stage. I think we finally heard Vietnamese swearing from our driver.
So back to the GoConnect homestay in Saigon for a couple of cold beers. Our host told us that there was a food festival on costing $12.50 which included food vouchers. It was huge. Thousands of people with vendors representing food from all over the country. Andrew from the coffee house was there and took time off to come out and greet us. Very happy to see him again after coffee adventures up and down Vietnam. We tried some grub, all good and then hit the Majestic hotel for a nightcap. It’s good to be back in crazy Saigon.

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2 thoughts on “Quy Nhon to Saigon Day twenty three

  1. Is that a hog?!

    • Dunno, buddy. I don’t eat dead animals. But I was very impressed with the amount of lemon grass they stuffed into the carcass. There was tons of lovely eats there and I would highly recommend a visit. Such good fresh food.

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