Quy Nhon day twenty

The chilling out has gone cold and windy. Quy Nhon is not so great without the sun. Fine for me as I’m happy to rest my dodgy leg, but the Responsible Adult is getting itchy feet. The weather in Saigon is hot so she is checking out hotels with pools. Went for a wander around the town and stopped at an upmarket coffee shop called Bookafe. Full of well dressed Vietnamese. No English on the menu or coming out of the mouths of the staff. We managed to order a cappuccino and an iced lemon, which came hot. The Responsible Adult thought I was brave having another go at Quy Nhon cappuccino but it was just acceptable. Unfortunately they decided I would have it sweetened. There was a table of young women next to us and we thought it was a hens party, given the hair do’ s. We tried to pay for their drinks but the concept was too hard to get across. Shame.
In the arvo we went for a walk away from town. On the beach side of the road are acres of manicured parks while on the other side are derelict and demolished buildings. Every so often there will be a garden full of Bonsai trees. We met a lawyer who wanted to practice his English. He explained that these are share gardens where people grow their Bonsais for sale.

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