Quy Nhon day nineteen

A good breakfast as the Responsible Adult has worked out the system to get scrambled eggs and toast. After all that hard work it was time to relax around the pool and have my morning coconut. Then off to town. I wanted to visit the Binh Dinh museum and the Responsible Adult wanted to visit the shops. This town is very Vietnamese in that the locals sleep at lunchtime, but we found a coffee shop _ the Pappilion -to break our journey. The lady in charge had no English or French but we were able to order a soft drink and she offered me a coffee milk. So I agreed and got a cold short black with a bowl of ice and some sugar. The lady came back after my first sip and put the sugar in so I put some ice in and it wasn’t bad.
Off to the shops and the local version of KFC. As I like my chicken to be running around, I had the shrimp burger. Try it if you are desperate for a feed.
Then off to the museum. My leg got a bit dodgy on the way so we stopped for another coconut from an ancient lady. It was.75c – cheapest so far.
The museum was closed but was reopening at 2pm just enough time for another coffee. The coffee shop claimed to sell cappuccino so we crossed our fingers and ordered two. What we got was like a caramel and strong coffee liquid pudding. Being very manly I drank mine.
The museum opened and it was a mixed bag, but had some nice Cham carvings. My museum mates in Oz would cry at the standard of presentation but I am glad we went. Bought a book for$6 not that I can read Vietnamese but just to try and support them.

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