Quy Nhon day eighteen arvo

My guide dropped me back at the Seagull about 2pm and offered to come back at 3pm to take us to a bank and the supermarket. So we both headed off, but he decided to take us to the fishing docks first. The Responsible Adult found it a bit offensive to her nostrils, but I went for a wander. There were plenty of women rowing boats around – apparently it’s their job to move the men around. The only product seemed to be sand being shoveled into bags. Turned out to be tiny little shrimp. After the docks we had a look at the ship building yards where about five boats were under construction. Found a bank and then a supermarket that sold unsweetened milk so the Responsible Adult can now have nice cups of tea.
In the evening, we went down for cocktails. Some poms turned up looking for beer and happy hour. Our lovely little waitress has very limited English, so I told them to have Saigon red and that there was no happy hour. Turned out some Aussies had told them to ask for happy hour prices as a joke. Anyway, they decided they would join us. As they are barmy army people there was much fun on my part discussing the recent cricket. As true pins, they were harsh on their team and full of praise for the Aussies.
Off to Barbaras backpacker resort for dinner. Tried the local brew for 50c a stubby. As we sat down, a lady approached us telling us she is a Malenyite. Micke and her Dutch sister rode bikes from Thailand to Saigon and are now backpacking around here. After all that peddling, we shouted their beer and dinner. I think we got out with change from a tenner.


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