Hanoi to Quy Nhon day sixteen

Up very early to checkout, have a quick bite and off to the airport. Hanoi was cold and raining. While I love the place, I will be glad to get away from the cold weather. We arrived mid morning and immediately took off our coats. Our driver was from a backpacker resort called Barbara. We have been advised to use them for day tours. Quy Nhon is about 35k from the airport along the national highway meaning you may get up to 60kph.
Our hotel, the Seagul is the biggest in town. It has the feel of a sixties hotel. Bit tatty on the outside but nice rooms. I like the expansive hallways but keep expecting a kid on a trike saying redrum over and over.
Unfortunately I had big ear problems with the flight and wasn’t up for much but we had a good lunch and a bit of a walk. It is very laid back. I don’t think the kiddies would like it as there doesn’t seem much to do. Ideal for us.
We tried the rooftop bar for cocktails but they were pretty bad. So we thought we’d try the pool bar which was great. By 7.30, we were done in and had an early night after watching the moon glowing on the bay.

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