Saigon Day four

Our normal start to the day is now coffee with Andrew. Back at the homestay, breakfast was prepared by Bino and the Responsible Adult, but I couldn’t eat anything – a large coffee or two is enough. We headed into District one for girl hair washing and to buy thongs for the kiddies. Still not much open due to Tet. At one stage we caught a pretty ordinary cab complete with complimentary cockroaches and a dicky meter. We were with Bino, so even the savvy locals can get caught. Off to China Town market which was, you guessed it, closed for Tet. The driver took us to a local market – the market of 27 smells – where the Responsible Adult got her sunglasses fixed for 50c and the kiddies finally got their thongs.

Lunch on the way home at Mon Hue . It is a chain in Vietnam and if you see one, try the crispy pancakes. You will be glad you did.

Arvo nap then off to superb street food organised by Bino. A fun affair at a crowded noisy street joint. Bino went off to celebrate his birthday while we went to the Roof Top Bar at the Novotel. It was about 20 floors up and has a great view of Saigon. After a couple of cocktails and a brandy I was ready for bed, but Marigold wanted dessert so we wandered around District 1 looking for something open. It was slim pickings but we found the Caravel open for boozy ice cream.


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