The Love Seat (or why you need to love your builder)

You may have noticed in my last post, where I was showing off the lovely mulch I put on the bank, a stunning rock wall. This engineering marvel was created by our builder. And it demonstrates why we use him. Paul organised the wonderful Bob the Bobcat man to create the house pad. This left us with about a 2 meter high cut at the back of the house. Paul then organised the big rocks to come up from a local quarry and an excavator to pick up and place the rocks. The rocks are roughly 1.2 meters high. If we went any higher, we would need an engineer to design and sign off on the rock wall. So he just went one rock high up against some Lomandra that I planted a few years ago, then had the excavator pull out the Lomandra and replant them behind the rocks. The result is that it looks like the rock wall has been there for a long time. Fortunately, we have had a bucketload or three of rain since this has been done so the Lomandra should thrive and survive.

In the meantime, the Responsible Adult and I have been visiting every 5 minutes or so to see how it was all going. At one point, we saw a rock that looked like a natural love seat. So we asked for it to be placed at the end of the house pad so we can go down in future to have a cuppa and look at the world. Paul obliged. You need to have a builder that wants you to be involved in the small details like this. But wait……..there’s more………coming soon. In the meantime, here’s the loveseat:


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