The last goodbye

We vacated the cubby house last night and spent our first night in La Studio. Right now our buyers should be doing their last inspection before settlement in 4 hours time. We went round the house this morning for a final clean and to say goodbye. So now I’m sad to be leaving. We are selling a house that is jointly owned by me and the Responsible Adult, but it feels like I’m also selling the boys home. Our new house will be just ours and they will feel no ownership of it. But that’s how it goes, I guess, when the family home just gets to be too much for the parents. It has to go.

On the positive side, it was fun camping down at La Studio. I have music set up, coffee set up and a TV that will play files from a hard drive. Having set up the important stuff, I will look at getting the cooking set up next but probably not before the Vietnam trip. It is a bit snug, but tells us we will like living on this paddock. Also, I got the slope of the house mulched with sugar cane. Filthy stuff but it will hold the bank against the rain until we can get it planted.

We have also paid our deposit to the builder and will sign our contract later today. Let’s hope for some dry weather so that when we get back from Vietnam the house will be progressed.


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