Cubby house sold

Well, I guess if you put your home on the market, someone will buy it. I think this was a bit tougher because whoever we sold it to would also be our new neighbours. So it sold to a young couple – which is good, who are very tough negotiators – not so good if you are on the receiving end, who both work for Parks Department – which is also good. Unfortunately, they gave us a list of demands, so I have been working at ugly and sometimes expensive chores.

I always thought it would also be tough leaving, given this is the home where we raised the boys. When the paintings went down to La Studio, I thought that was over. It was no longer our home. But with just a couple of days to go, I am feeling a tiny bit sensitive about leaving here.

On the plus side, the day after settlement, we are off to Vietnam taking our youngest and his girlfriend as a treat for them. We figure it will be a lot cheaper for us to stay in Vietnam while the new groovy pad is being built.

Also on the plus side, we have packed up a whole lot of stuff and taken it to La Studio so it is just our main furniture going into storage. Mind you, moving the concrete garden stuff was a bit hard on the back.  So now it is cleaning, cleaning and cleaning all for our new neighbours.

Bye, cubby house. Thanks for having us for 19 years.


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