No Smoking

I would really love a durrie right now. It’s been 3 days and 23 hours since I had one. Then I went to a hypnotist for a bit of no smoking therapy.  The hypnosis was interesting – it is really just a deep relaxation/meditation thingy. But it did seem to have some short term benefit. I came home not feeling one bit like having a fag. But alas, by the next day the cravings had set in. Apparently, cravings are supposed to be spasmodic and last for about 3 seconds. Shame my brain doesn’t know that because it seems to just go on and on with me. The Responsible Adult went along a few hours after me and by day 2, I thought she was going to crash and burn. But she got a surprising call to go to work and came home all bright, positive and happy. And I thought she would be the one to struggle. She is going really well.images

So I shall just look to the benefits. My smokers cough is nearly gone. My blood pressure is the best it’s been in years. The house smells better and is neater. We aren’t paying exorbitant amounts of tax to Tony Abbott’s government. The downside is being a bit miserable, but that will pass as will the cravings. No need to wish me luck – I know that if I have a smoke, it will relieve the cravings for about 5 minutes, then they will be back with a vengeance. Best to just stick it out.

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