Cubby House for Sale

After 18 years of domestic bliss, it’s time for the Responsible Adult and I to move on and so the cubby house is on the market. It’s just too big for us. Typically, it looks great. This has happened to every house we have owned – we make it all look great for the sale. Next house, I will work very hard to make it look great from day 1. But back to this place. There is no doubt that I will cry sometime after signing a contract. This has been pretty much the only home I have ever had. Sure, I’ve had houses before (and pretty darn nice ones) but this place is home. We grew the naughty boys here, went through the great times of raising a family and shooing them off to make their own lives. We’ve had great parties and many, many good times. I love this place.

Anyway, when we put the third paddock on the market, it sold pretty quickly after I posted a blog about it. So I thought I would try the same trick again.  

If you know anyone that wants to live in paradise (talking about the little town) in a lovely home that is rather large, then send them my way.


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