The Hangmans Daughter series Oliver Potzsch

OK, guilty pleasure time. Nothing particularly literary here. You can buy these for .99c each from Amazon. We are in boys own adventure territory. The first novel in the series was the best. It introduced us to the local Hangman in a small Bavarian Town in the 17th Century. He has a feisty and very beautiful daughter and gets caught up in all sorts of strange plots. A young failed physician makes up a trio of heroes for us to cheer on and worry about when they are in big trouble – they are often in big trouble. His hangman duties include torture and rubbish removal. He is also very interested in medicine.

These novels provide a quick read with lots (perhaps too many) of twists and turns. Goodies turn out to be baddies – baddies turn out to be goodies, clues lay everywhere and our heroes often split up so that each one can face their own crisis. The action move briskly and small details of 17th Century life are tossed in to ensure we get the idea of the problems facing them. No plot spoiler to let you know it will all turn out well in the end.

The author is a journalist and apparently a descendent of a hangman. The novels are fast paced and while an editor with a sharper pencil would be handy, they are as satisfying as a jam and cream donut. Read one now and then, but don’t make it your staple.


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