The Lacuna Barbara Kingsolver

Your Prince has been unwell following his return from exotic adventures in Vietnam. I’m blaming the exotic airports with their closed in air environment. As a result, there has been much laying around and some considerable bouts of sitting on the throne, allowing much time for reading, but little inspiration for blogging. Enough of this self misery…….Is Barbara Kingsolver fantastic or just fabulous or perhaps brilliant. What a ripper of a yarn and so many words constructed in a fashion to die for. What a master of metaphor. You may be getting the impression that I really liked this book.

OK – roughly – a boy with an absent American father and a self absorbed Mexican mother is pretty much looking after himself in Mexico. Through his desire to learn pastry making, he becomes a plasterer for the great Diego Riviera then back to a cook for Riviera and Frida Kahlo. But his passion is for words which sees him take over some secretarial duties. Along comes Leon Trotsky and etc for the first half of the novel. He then moves to America and becomes a successful author, but the USA is headed down the path of McCarthyism.

This book had me hooked from the first page. The characters come to life beautifully. Some of the historical events, such as the Bonus Marchers had me searching the web for more information. This particular unbelievable event has to be believed – ithappened – perhaps not to the extent of the descriptions (or perhaps history has been tidied up for public consumption and the author knows better). But even so, it was a dark period for the US. Having said this, US readers should be aware that they may find some discomfort with events that occurred around 90 years ago. 

Can’t wait for my next Barbara Kingsolver novel.

The quote. Hard to pick from all the gems on offer. I did like the one about people who think the day is good aren’t paying attention, but will go with the one from Frida:

“The most important thing about a person is always the thing you don’t know.”




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2 thoughts on “The Lacuna Barbara Kingsolver

  1. sula1968

    I’m going to have a look for this only ever read ‘Poisonwood Bible’ which I loved

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