Jesus Christ Superstar

Way back in February, I bought tickets to the arena tour in Brisvegas, mainly because the Responsible Adult is a big Tim Minchin fan. Last night was the big night so off we went. I bought the original album in 1970 and had seen it in Brisbane, Sydney and London just before watching the film a couple of times in 1973. I wasn’t expecting a lot because for me, Ian Gillian just did it so well on the 1970 album that nothing has compared to it. The film was a big disappointment (sorry to all Ted Neely fans but he just wasn’t up to it). 

Anyway, the first half was pretty darn good except the surprisingly not too good John Stevens with Pilates dream. Sporty Spice owned I don’t know how to love him. The whole arena thing worked really well for me. A lot different from an intimate stage show, but the graphics and lighting were really, really good. Anyway, the second half has the big numbers and for somebody who isn’t Ian Gillian, our Jesus did very well. The two biggies are Gethsemane and Judas’ Death both of which were belted out as you would want them to be. 

The band was excellent and I particularly liked the guitarist coming out on stage to play against Tim Minchin. John Stevens had also warmed up by then and handled Trial before Pilate as you would expect from a professional like him.

Highly recommended if you can get to see it.


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