Fixing the Dunny

Back to the reality of home and maintenance. Our house sitter left a note with a few things that had gone wrong while we were away. One of these was a leaking dunny. The seal between the cistern and the pan had gotten old, brittle and was leaking at every flush. So I bought a new one for $2.40 and proceeded to fix the problem. Here’s how in case you ever need to do it.

Step 1. Turn off the water and flush the dunny. Undo the two nuts delivering water into the cistern and water out of the cistern. Like in the pic:


2. Loosen the screws that hold the cistern on the wall. That will allow you raise it a bit and jiggle it around so the pipe comes out. The old stuffed seal will just come away. If you compare your new seal to the old one, you may not believe they are the same size. The old one will have stretched a fair bit and look a lot bigger. Don’t panic. Stop and have a cup of tea if you need to.


3. Put your new seal onto the pipe first. A bit of vaseline will help, or you could put your new seal into hot water first. Make sure you push it back as far as the old one sat. Once it is on the pipe, turn it inside out. Like this:


4. Now you need to put everything back in place. The new seal is the hard bit to get on but if you do it last, you have the other bits holding it in place for you. Jiggle the cistern to fit the pipes back in. Do up the nuts and finally, pull back the new seal so it fits around the inlet on the pan. Phew – good on you.


5. Now you just need to give everything a good clean and you have earned big bonus points with your Responsible Adult. Have a sit down and a nice Shiraz – you earned it.





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