Day 34 The End

It’s taken a while to get to this. When we got home, we both got rather sick. Anyway, the day started off OK. After a big breakfast, we went back to Danang Airport and flew to Saigon to be greeted by Bino and Miss Sue. Our Visa had expired 9 days earlier so we were shown into a room like the ones you see on TV where the suspects are taken. The Officer there was very nice and showed us a board which set out the various penalties for offenses. Our fine ranged from 500,000 to 2m per person for overstaying the visa. He set us at 1.5m each and signed our booking document so we could check in. He asked us to come back for a receipt. So we checked in, but when we went back, it was all rather ugly with yelling between our official and a rather large German person. Anyway, they finished their yelling so we went in to get a receipt and an unexpected 500,000 return of funds. The Responsible Adult reckons the Official was going to pocket the money, but I reckon we got a refund for good behavior.

And that’s about it for Vietnam. We loved it.

So we got on a plane to Changi Airport. First thing we found out is that even though you may just be going through an airport, you still have to go through Customs and Immigration. And they aren’t that friendly. When we got out, we started waiting for Miss Sue who was following. We waited around in the public area of Changi Airport which is a place you don’t want to be, although thousands of Singapore residents wouldn’t agree and just love to hang there being loud and obnoxious.

Eventually, we found out that Miss Sue was in departures (the nice bit) having arrived and not bothered to come through customs yet. So we went in there full of the grump. But she took us to Terminal 3 where there is a bar and swimming pool and things started to calm down. Except beers are $14 and Margaritas are made with lime cordial.

Eventually, at 2am, we left for Sydney. The Responsible Adult and I were about the only ones stuck with one seat so sleep and comfort were not optional for us. Oh well.

Back in Sydney, we met an interesting and inept bus driver who slowly took us to domestic, then boarded a plane for the Sunshine Coast. The plane looked like a senior citizens day out and was rather disappointing after the youthful vibrancy of Vietnam. Now we just want to go back.


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