Day 33 My Son

Up early to meet our tour guide to My Son. He wanted to stop at Marble Mountain but we were concerned about the heat and just kept going. Got to My Son after about an hour. Our guide is a high school teacher who was quite knowledgeable. My Son was constructed by the Cham people from India and started in the fourth century. They were able to make strong bricks and instead of mortar used a glue  that cannot be duplicated. Somewhere in the 14th century they were done over by the Vietnamese, Cambodians and Chinese.
The temple was rediscovered by the French who knocked the heads off the statutes in an attempt to break the culture. The site was also bombed by the Americans. We could walk through the buildings which had a pattern. A waiting room, a gate and a temple. The society placed Monks above the king. They also made some sort of holy water. It was beautiful.
Dancing girls ended the tour as you would expect. By ten, we were hot and ready to head back for our arvo nap.
Went into Hoi An for dinner then back for an early night. The Restaurant had a male waiter so we were not expecting much, particularly as he gave the usual Vietnam assurance – Don’t worry, you’ll love it. But in fact he must have listened to us as we both got what we ordered, how we ordered it and we did love it.



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