Day 32 Hoi An

Decided to go to the little town early and caught a cab at 8am. It was still bloody hot and after a once round the market, I was unsteady. Stopped at the cafe we like for iced coffee but it was a boy serving. We are over getting stuff that isn’t what we asked for so we sent the first one back. The second one wasn’t much better but we took it because we were stuffed. At least he only charged us a dollar each. Bit of shopping then back to our pool and air conditioning. About 2 we went to the bar for too many beers.
Decided to try the local restaurant down the beach and started off really well. It was great sitting on the beach even with farting Japanese next to us. The Responsible Adult ordered Vodka and coke and got the whole bottle while I had Saigon beer. I went up with the lady to inspect the seafood and ordered 4 large shrimp. They were sensational. But the Responsible Adult ordered Spring Rolls which didn’t turn up. I went up to ask about them but it was chaos. People running around and jumping through windows so I gave up. After a bit longer the Responsible Adult went to ask and was told a couple of minutes. But they just didn’t turn up so we gave them$10 and left. Back at the resort restaurant we sat down but nobody came. Odd given that they seem to have lots of staff.
Oh well, that’s Vietnam.


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