Day 31 Hoi An

After breakfast and a dip in the China Sea, we headed into town on the minibus. 10.30 was too late as it was crazy hot and after about two streets we had to stop for a cold drink. This worked out well as the place we stopped at was good and cheap. We decided that we would come back for dinner. Went on a bit further but didn’t cover the little town. A bloke wanted to sell me a paper – bought it but gave the paper back for him to sell again. Came back for swimming and air conditioning and headed back at four.
Still sweaty but manageable. Dinner was good and I had a try at Ray Fish. Nicely done and tasty but it had a weird bone structure so not easy to eat. The bloke with the paper found me again. I think it was the same paper so I bought it again and this time he insisted that I take it. Not a bad read. It doesn’t have endless comments from conservative opinion writers.
Bought some trinkets and came back for a night cap. Chatted to some Aussies who recommended a local restaurant down the beach. Must have been in Vietnam too long as I’m whinging about paying$1.75 for a can of beer here.



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