Day 27 The day of the dirty shoe

The morning started well. We both had a decent sleep on the train and decided to go to Puku. After braving the walk of ten thousand taxi drivers, we made it there. The place was pumping out some good music (Dap Step) and the night manager really knew the coffee machine. He also provided the name and address of a noodle shop for me. Apparently the noodles are a must try in Hanoi.
We walked down creepy street to the hotel for a welcome shower. The staff seemed glad to see us.
Went down to Pho Hung Bong to the silk shop. Clothes needed adjustments so we went to the noodle shop. Its name is ten and it’s at 10 Ly Quoc. It sells ten different types of pho all with beef. Tasted pretty darn good even though the beef was wasted on me.
Moved on to the lake where I bought an old Ganesh and a new pipe. As we left some arsehole splashed gutter water on the Responsible Adult leaving her with an oil slick on her shoe, but then a nice local man helped out with some tissues.
Back to the hotel for a rest before heading back to the silk shop. Some penny pinching over 20cents spoiled it a bit, but the clothes look good.
Down to Puku for dinner where we were greeted. Unfortunately a group of ugly Australians sat near us but the staff did well. It’s bad when you feel the need to apologise for the behavior of other people.
On the way home, I stepped in some water in the gutter. When we got back and there was some light, it looked like I had stepped in the filthiest crap in the world. No spare shoes!
The good news is that we have become used to Hanoi so creepy street is a lot less scary.



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