Day 25 Sapa and the Cat Cat village

This morning we went looking for Khu and with the idea to visit Cat Cat village. Reception had told us that the only way back up was motorbike or private car at$15. As this is big money in Vietnam, we weren’t going to go until we decided that$15 wasn’t a big deal after what it cost to get here. No Khu at the market so we headed off to Cat Cat village. Nice walk downhill. We stopped at an art gallery where we liked the work so bought two ink drawings of H’mong ladies with babies.
More downhill. Stopped to buy a bag which we will need for all our H’mong purchases. More downhill and starting to worry about getting back. Stopped at the waterfall for a minute then started up. Met some Oz oldies. Now I normally avoid the Oz mob but for some reason decided to give them a bit of chat. They went off and we were left at a leather stall. I had been looking for a leather worker since we arrived so had a good chat, looked at his gear and bought a buffalo belt for a tenner. We went on uphill with lots of motorcycle touts and had to stop for a drink. After a rest we managed to get to the car park where the Oz mob were waiting. There was a minibus there that they were about to get on,so we asked what they paid. Turned out it was their private tour and they offered us a lift back. God bless the Victorians!
Back at the town we looked for Khu but she still wasn’t visible. Stopped at the kiddies cafe for lunch. Drink and a pastry.
After a rest we headed back to town to find Khu and have a cocktail. Khu and Chi were just down the road on their way to us. The Responsible Adult bought more bangles.
As we got our first round of cocktails, we spotted Manu who joined us for a coke and told us about her trek, which included sleeping on the floor with fleas, washing in a waterfall and homestay Dads who like Rice Wine. But she had a good time.
Back to the hotel where the Responsible Adult spent a lot of time going over the menu. She got full marks for ordering my dinner but her deep fried pork looked awfully like crumbed chicken.
Anyway it’s all good fun especially the bit where we tried to explain that playing Christmas Carols in May is a bad idea.

DSC00785 DSC00783

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