Day 24 Sapa and the H’mong

Not a bad night’s sleep and a filling breakfast. Then the Responsible Adult wanted to meet Mai at 9am to give her another $10 and ask her about buying some indigo dyed fabric. We have found that while the H’mong have pretty good English, they are so focused on their sales patter that they don’t listen. So Mai went off to buy but came back with trousers and coats. So we ended up with a pair of trousers.
Then we had a general walk around the town. We were heading back for lunch when two H’mong woman started talking to us and telling us we had promised to buy from them today. To get past them, I agreed to look at a ring if it fit me. No rings in Vietnam have come close to fitting me. They said they would have some after lunch. The Responsible Adult agreed to come back at 1pm. Crikey! One walk back from town would do me for a day.
Lunch at the hotel and the Responsible Adult bought a jacket from the resident H’mong lady. She also bought a belt even though she doesn’t think she will use it, but my advice was that if she changed her mind in Oz, then it’s a bit far to pop back.
We went back down at a bit after one and sure enough our ladies found us. They had four rings my size. Why wasn’t I surprised. We bought all four – mainly because of the H’Mong law – you bought from her, now you must buy from me. Seems fair enough.
On the way home we noticed that a cafe on the way is a learning centre for disadvantaged children. So we stopped for a juice and pastries. Pretty darn good.
We decided to go back for dinner. We started by ordering two cocktails. After a couple of minutes we were told they didn’t have the ingredients for mine so I swapped to beer. But then they came back to say they didn’t have the ingredients for the other one. So we left to go back down town to a cafe that sold lamb chops. Their cocktails were bloody good.
Of course we decided to sit on the street so we had a share of H’mong ladies approaching us for sales. One was a lady we had taken a shine to and I was keen on her own purse so the Responsible Adult got it for me. The starting price was a tenner but we got it for six.
Our third walk back up the mountain was broken by a stop at the youth cafe for more pastries and a coffee.




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