Day 22 Sapa

After being dumped by the bus driver we walked up the hill to our hotel. It was difficult not to notice the magnificent view. We checked in and went down for an acceptable coffee. After unpacking and a rest we tried their lunch. Both meals were extremely good. We noticed that there are rooms at the front with balconies so got swapped to one of those for two nights.
Then off to the square for a look. On the way a H’mong woman started chatting to us. Pretty good English. At the square we had more and more women coming up.Their work is lovely but it’s hard to see it because different women continually push things forward.
At one stage we separated ‘Mummy’ took most of the crowd as I had shown them my empty pockets. ‘Daddy or Happy Australian Buddha’ stayed with two women to look at a shoulder bag. Settled on the best one and was happy with the price around$16.
Mummy came back and was a bit peeved that I don’t let her bargain. But she had a stack of stuff and would have done a bit of bargaining so it was all good. By this time it was getting to be too much. The women would not give us a break so we left. Short walk to a drink stall for beer and coke. A H’mong woman started talking and I was a bit worried that Mummy may get extremely annoyed. But instead Mummy offered her a drink. So we chatted with her while her friend joined us together with a young girl and her baby. The young girl was married at 14 and had her baby at 15.
Bottom line is that we agreed to a walking tour tomorrow.
Dinner at the hotel not as good as lunch.



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