Night 21 Hanoi to Sapa

It started well with our hotel giving us a surprise picnic to take on the train but went downhill soon after. The taxi ride was 36k and in a fit of generosity the Responsible Adult handed over 60k. The driver wanted more, which didn’t happen. Then when our train was called a young guy grabbed our bags and headed off at quite a pace. This caused a mix of concern that our bags were being hijacked and relief that we were being guided to the right place. I asked the Responsible Adult to find a small note for a tip but she only had hundreds so we gave him a hundred. He then demanded another note for the two of us. As we were disoriented, we just gave him another hundred. Big tip from two suckers.
We sat hoping that nobody else would come to take the top bunks but two young guys turned up. Thankfully they were quite. The train wasn’t. It was very loud. The matress was made from an extremely hard substance. Concrete?
Despite this we actually slept a fair bit but not very well.
Next problem was at Lo Cai where we would need to find a bus to Sapa. No worries plenty of people want you to get on their minibus. The price started at six hundred but we knocked it down to two. Still turned out to be about double what we should have paid. The bus went up to the traffic light and stopped. After about ten minutes, it went up the road and stopped again. I got a bit stroppy and asked for our money back. No response but after about another ten minutes a guy turned up and we got going. At Sapa we were left to the last. The driver dropped us off about 200 meters downhill from our hotel.
What a prick.


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