Day 21 Hanoi – stormy weather

This morning was good and hot. Early walk straight to Puku. We saw Viet along the way. Two coffees then on to tobacco road to try and find a ciggie holder for the Responsible Adult – no chance. Then on to silk road to order pants for the Responsible Adult. I decided to get a matching waistcoat. They have another shop around the corner with screen printed T-shirts. Great designs but of course Vietnam sizes. After they tried to sell me a size too small, they agreed to get bigger ones while we are in Sapa. We got a bit turned around but managed to get back in time for lunch having scored some trinkets on the way.
After lunch we went to the PO. Took a cab (ABC is the good one here) and it was just as well. 45 minutes to send a parcel the slow way home for $50.
Almost immediately after the PO, a rather substantial storm hit just as we were looking forward to a good walk home. Packing now for Sapa. For some reason the train runs at 10pm. The mob at the hotel decided they would pack us a picnic breakfast – no charge. Here’s to another adventure.


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