Day 20 Hanoi and loving it

We headed off after breakfast to Puku for a coffee taking the long way via Silk Road – Phu Hung Dien. Got stuck at some shops and did a bit of damage to the treasury. The Responsible Adult got a nice top as well as a silk dress. I got a couple of cushion covers plus some bits and pieces. At some point we decided that we’d better move on to Puku and got there for lunch. The Responsible Adult did very well with the bargaining. I know when she has got a good price because I want to give them a few bob more after the price has been set. But then they can always say no.
After lunch we headed off to the Temple of Literature and I’m glad we did. Apart from the magnificent Temple, there were a lot of Uni students all having a hoot and giggle. Two girls wanted their photo taken with the Responsible Adult. We figured they were fascinated to find a Western woman who was smaller than them.
Thought we’d take a peddle powered chariot home. The guy wanted 150k dong – say 1k per kilo – 100 for me and 50 for the cutie. The Responsible Adult knocked him down to 100, but when we got back, I agreed that 150 was a fair price but we think that we gave him a 100 and a 500 by mistake. Hope he had a good feed tonight.



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