Day 16 Lazing around the streets.

We have the hang of local streets so walked a different way to Puku. It’s great to have a good coffee in the morning. Our walk took us past some Government buildings. Really nice streets and I guess we should thank the French for the nice big trees. The Responsible Adult bought Vietnamese clobber which really suits her. The walk also took us past the bad puppy stall. Had a good look to make sure I knew what I was looking at and even though I had said I’d try it I just couldn’t eat man’s best friend. Instead, the Responsible Adult tried Lotteria(McDonald’s) while I had a sensational soft shelled crab at a local seafood restaurant. The Responsible Adult went into a little shop with a no shoes policy so I waited on the kerb. I was watching a couple of girl fruit vendors on the other side of the street settling down for an arvo siesta when they jumped up and moved sharply to the building. I hot footed it away from the kerb. Something was playing ‘Happy birthday’ It was a truck spraying soapy water. Lesson: if you hear happy birthday, head to high ground. Home for pastries then back out for ciggies from the only honest street vendor we have met in Hanoi. Then cocktails, pizza and an early night. We have to be up early for Halong Bay.


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