Day 15 Hanoi

So yesterday we took two walks which were at right angles. Today we thought we’d make a triangle out of the route. The walk down to the Ho chi Minh complex was again beautiful. On the way we passed a pink and white tent on the street which was set up for a wedding. Everything happens on the street. At Ho chi Minh complex the footpaths were blocked off so we had to take the long way round and were in the sun. We got very hot and a bit heat stressed. Stopped for an energy drink and rest.


We walked past some embassies and on to the Military museum. We wouldn’t normally visit anything like this, but there were only hundreds of people rather than thousands and we were tired so we went in. Glad we did. I know this is the Vietnamese version of events but every war from year dot was about defence not aggression.


Then on to Puku cafe for a cool drink. It was so good we stayed for lunch. Lunch was so good we tried the coffee. First place in Vietnam that can make an espresso. On the way home we saw some puppies – spit roasted. Just past that are the coffin shops. We have named this Scary Street.
After a rest I went out for a shave. Saigon cost me $2 for a haircut and shave. First guy wanted$5 for just a shave. So I went to the next guy who came down to$2.50 but he took a chunk of skin off so he didn’t get a tip and I’ll go back to shaving myself with the crappy hotel razors.

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