Day 14 Hullo Hanoi

Good night’s sleep. After breakfast we wandered down the road towards the Ho chi Minh complex. Stopped for a couple of limes from a little old lady. She charged us a dollar – rip off number one, but who cares for a dollar. Stopped by the lake where a street vendor tried to sell us fruit. Said no so she slipped her baskets and hat on to the Responsible Adult for a photo opportunity. Then sold us bananas and pineapple for$5. Rip off two(We had better learn fast)


Then on to the Ho chi Minh complex where we found it is a major holiday so there were rather a lot of people. Too many for us to go into anything. Also got eyed up by the police and military for lingering with intent to take a picture.


After lunch, a siesta and then cocktails we went for a walk to Puku cafe where the cool kids hang out.The walk was interesting. Petty sure that there were a couple of puppies on spits for sale. Some of the alleys were dark and we got lost once or twice. Some of it was a bit scary and we couldn’t help but wonder if we hadn’t made a big mistake. But we got there in the end. Food was good, cocktails were good and we had a hooka for pud.

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