Day 9 – Saigon

Well the day started very well. The Responsible Adult visited Mr Johnny for a doo then off to Mai Lam for a rather expensive handbag. Mai Lam is an amazing artist so it’s a piece of functional art and we are both rather pleased with it. Then lunch at Intercontinental restaurant. Very bloody swish. I’m not sure that we would be allowed in something that posh in Oz. Back to the hotel where the arvo went downhill. We went to the bank to try to get some serious Dong but were sent out to the ATM where you can get$100 with a crap exchange rate and big fees.
Then off to the Peoples Glorious Post Office for a real experience. It started at the first counter where they pack your goods. No pre-packing here, they have to hold everything up for all to see while they decide whether to let your stuff out of the country. There was about a 20 minutes wait while they checked with the chairman about a small art poster I bought before they said it could go. It’s a communist propaganda theme so I would have thought that they would be happy to spread the word. They said no to the CD we bought from the band on the tourist boat. I was going to tell them to keep it, but the Responsible Adult kept me in check. They charged$1.50 which seemed very reasonable, but that was just the packing. So off to counter 5 where we went through the next step. Big problem sending stuff to ourselves when we aren’t at home. We were told that our local PO would return it. Tried to explain that Russell and all the mob at Maleny PO know us and know we are in Vietnam and would deliver the stuff to our friends for us but they disagreed. So we settled on sending the stuff by sea so will get it in 4months. Then she wasn’t happy about some jewelry so packing man had to come and open the box again. Our stuff was again shown to the mob before she charged us$25 postage. We intend to pay excess baggage on future purchases.


At the very expensive handbag shop


Saigon PO

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